The MullerWorks Shop. 

The MullerWorks Shop. 

MullerWorks is about the quality of the works created by someone with the skill and heart of an Old World artisan: Dan Muller.

Dan approaches the rifle barrels he makes with the same eye for detail that he approaches all of his artwork.

To Dan, each barrel is unique, with its own production story to tell. The story starts with a piece of steel and how, through a careful analysis of the steel as it is drilled, reamed and rifled, the story progresses, Dan gains an understanding of its inherent characteristics and determines how to get these characteristics to work together in harmony. This careful attention ensures that the final barrel gives a consistently high caliber performance.

You have to be able to adapt to what the steel is telling you at each stage of production. The ideal barrel is one that is forgiving — you don’t want it to be finicky with the bullets and powder you use. It has to shoot accurately with a broad range of loads.
— Dan Muller

Dan’s goal is to make sure each MullerWorks barrel exceeds the shooter's expectations. Read what others have to say about them.

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